What Would You Find In A Haunted House Family Feud

If you were to step into a haunted house, you would likely find some very eerie and spine-tingling things lurking inside.

To get an idea of what you might find, we asked 100 people: “What would you find in a haunted house?” Here are the top 10 answers! 1. Spooky noises 2. Ghostly apparitions 3. Furniture that moves on its own 4. Bloodstains

5. Cobwebs 6. Creaking floors 7. hidden rooms 8. secret passages 9. trap doors 10. Haunted children’s toys


What Would You Find In A Haunted House Family Feud

If you were to take a trip into a haunted house, you would find plenty of family feuding going on! The spirits who haunt the house would be fighting with each other, making noise, and scaring the guests.

You would also find that the house is full of dark corners, secret rooms, and hidden passages. The atmosphere would be one of suspense and excitement, and you would never know what was going to happen next.

The family feud

If you were to take a walk through a haunted house, you would likely find a family feud. This is because a family feud is often the root cause of a haunting.

When a family is torn apart by conflict, the negative energy created can linger long after the feud is over. This can create an atmosphere of unease and even terror for those who enter the house.

In some cases, the feuding family members may even be trapped in the house, still fighting with each other even after death. If you find yourself in a haunted house, beware of the family feud.

The ghosts

Game The ghosts in a haunted house family feud game would be the scariest and most difficult to get rid of. They would constantly haunt the family, making them feel uncomfortable and scared.

The family would have to find a way to get rid of the ghosts, or else they would never be able to live in peace.

The haunted house

If you were to enter a haunted house, you would likely find many things that would be considered frightening. For example, you might find ghostly apparitions, dark and foreboding rooms, and perhaps even some deadly traps.

Of course, every haunted house is different, so you never know exactly what you might find. However, one thing is for sure, a haunted house is sure to give you a good scare!

The family’s reaction

The family’s reaction to finding out they would be on Family Feud was mixed. Some were excited, while others were apprehensive.

Some members of the family had never been on a game show before, and were not sure what to expect. After a few practice rounds, the family got into the groove and started having fun.

They enjoyed trying to guess the top answers to the survey questions, and cheering when they got one right. By the end of the day, the family was exhausted but happy with their experience.


In a conclusion, you would likely find a resolution to the conflict or the climax of the story.

For example, in a haunted house story, the family may find out that the house is actually haunted by the ghost of a previous owner who just wants them to be happy.

They may also find out that the house is not actually haunted and that they were just imagining things.

The bottom line on “What Would You Find In A Haunted House Family Feud” is that the top answer is “a ghost,” followed by “a coffin,” “a skeleton,” “a spider,” and “a bat.”

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