We Became A Family Mbc Episode 1

We Became A Family is a Korean drama that aired on MBC in 2016. The drama tells the story of a mother and her three daughters who are abandoned by their father and have to fend for themselves.

The mother is left to raise her daughters on her own and she does her best to provide for them. The daughters are all very different from each other and they each have their own way of dealing with their father’s abandonment.

The drama follows the family as they try to rebuild their lives and heal from the pain of their past.

Introducing the family – We meet the family and learn about their everyday lives.

We Became A Family Mbc Episode 1

We meet the family and learn about their everyday lives. The father, Kim Sang Kyung, is a successful businessman who has been married to his wife, Kang Hanna, for 10 years

. They have two children together, a daughter named Kim Ye Eun and a son named Kim Ji Hoo. The family lives in a beautiful home in a wealthy neighborhood.

They are a happy and close-knit family. However, their lives are about to change forever when Sang Kyung is diagnosed with cancer.

The mother’s decision – The mother decides to put her children up for adoption.

The mother in this episode decides to put her children up for adoption. She is shown to be a loving and caring mother, but she knows that her children would be better off with a family who can provide for them.

This decision is not an easy one for her, but she makes it because she knows it is best for her children.

The children’s reaction – The children are initially apprehensive about the idea but eventually come to accept it.

The children’s reaction in We Became A Family Mbc Episode 1 is one of apprehension at first, but they eventually come to accept the idea.

It is clear that they are not quite sure what to make of the situation, but they are willing to go along with it. This is likely due to the fact that they see how happy their mother is with the new arrangement.

The adoption process – We see the family going through the adoption process and finally becoming a family.

The family goes through the adoption process and finally becomes a family. They go to the agency, fill out the paperwork, and wait for a call.

The call comes and they are approved to adopt a child. They go to the agency and pick up their new child. They bring the child home and introduce him or her to the family.

They all sit down and have a family dinner. They are all happy and they all love each other.


This episode was heartwarming and eye-opening. It followed the stories of three different families who came together to form one famil

y. Each family had their own unique story, but they all had one common goal: to love and support each other. This episode was a great reminder that family is more than just blood; it’s about the people who we choose to surround ourselves with.

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