Scratch Garden Weenie Man Lyrics

The Scratch Garden Weenie Man Lyrics are a set of children’s songs that were written by Robert Lopez and Jonathan Fuller.

The songs are about a weenie man who lives in a garden and is always trying to catch bugs. The lyrics are very silly and humorous, and the songs are sure to make any child laugh.


1. Introduction. Weenie Man is a song by Scratch Garden. The lyrics are about a weenie man who is in love with a girl.

The song is sung from the perspective of the weenie man. The lyrics are funny and cute. The song is upbeat and happy.


The lyrics to the Scratch Garden Weenie Man song are very simple and easy to remember. The song is about a weenie man who is very small and skinny.

He is so small that he can’t even reach the doorknob. The song is very catchy and is sure to get stuck in your head.


Scratch Garden Weenie Man Lyrics

The lyrics to Scratch Garden’s Weenie Man are clever and funny, but they also have a deeper meaning.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who is unhappy with his life and decides to take drastic measures to change it.

He sells all of his possessions and moves to a remote island, where he lives in a tree house and eats only coconuts.

The lyrics suggest that the man is happy with his new life and has no regrets about his decision to leave everything behind.

The deeper meaning of the lyrics is that sometimes we have to make radical changes in our lives in order to be happy.


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