I Bet Your Boyfriend Blocks The Diesel Pump

I Bet Your Boyfriend Blocks The Diesel Pump is an up-and-coming novel by author, Tyler Tresor.

The book is a heart-warming story of love, loss, and friendship, and has been described as a “feel-good read for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship.”

Though it’s not an explicit rule

I Bet Your Boyfriend Blocks The Diesel Pump

When a trucker is driving, they are constantly looking for hazards on the road. This means that they are always looking for parked vehicles.

If they can, they will avoid parked vehicles. This is because it can be difficult to see around them and they can cause damage to the truck.

There are a few reasons for this

one being that it’s just courteous to not block someone in. If you’re blocking the diesel pump, that means the person behind you has to wait for you to move before they can fill up their tank.

And if you’re blocking multiple pumps, that’s just rude. Another reason is that it can be dangerous. If you’re blocking the diesel pump and someone needs to get by, they might try to squeeze past you and end up getting hurt.

So, next time you’re at the gas station, be sure to be courteous and not block the diesel pump. It’s the right thing to do!

But the main reason is that blocking the diesel pump prevents

There are a few reasons why your boyfriend might block the diesel pump. It could be to prevent other truckers from being able to fill up their tanks or to get a better view of the road.

But the main reason is probably that it’s more comfortable for him. Blocking the diesel pump gives your boyfriend a chance to stretch his legs, and it also gives him a better view of the road.

Plus, it’s a great way to meet other truckers and make new friends.

And if there’s one thing that truckers need

Diesel is a type of fuel that is used in trucks and other large vehicles. It is a heavier type of fuel than gasoline, and it is also more expensive.

Diesel fuel is also more efficient than gasoline, so it lasts longer and goes further. Truckers need diesel fuel to keep their vehicles running properly.

So if your boyfriend is blocking the diesel pump

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why your boyfriend blocks the diesel pump, chances are good that it’s not out of spite.

More likely, he’s doing it to protect you from getting diesel fuel on your hands or clothes. While diesel fuel is not necessarily harmful to your skin, it can be quite difficult to remove from clothing.

By blocking the pump, your boyfriend is simply trying to save you from having to deal with a sticky, smelly mess.

He’s probably just oblivious to the consequences of his actions

If your boyfriend is constantly blocking the diesel pump at the gas station, he’s probably just oblivious to the consequences of his actions.

He may not realize that blocking the pump makes it difficult for other drivers to fill up their tanks. Additionally, his actions may be causing long lines and delays at the gas station.

While he may not be intentionally trying to cause problems, his actions are having a negative impact on others.

If you can talk to him about the issue, he may be more mindful in the future and help to avoid any potential problems.

But that doesn’t mean you can

The reason you can’t use your boyfriend to block the diesel pump is that he’s not strong enough. He’s not made of metal, so he can’t take the weight of the pump.

Plus, he’s not tall enough to reach the pump. And he’s not that smart, so he can’t figure out how to use the pump.


This book is a must-read for anyone in a relationship! It’s funny, relatable, and gives great advice on how to deal with a partner who is always on their phone.

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