How to cut tiles around a toilet: know 5 secret tips!

There are a few tips that you should take into account when cutting tiles around a toilet-such as cutting your tile an inch shorter on one side of the toilet, using thinned grout on the floor and on the wall, filling any gaps with tile spacers, and use a glass cutter instead of a wet saw.

How to cut tiles around the toilet: know 5 secret tips! Cutting tiles around your toilet can be challenging, but there are some good secrets that will help make your tile cutting adventure run smoothly!

How to cut tiles around a toilet

How to cut tiles around a toilet

When it’s time for a bathroom renovation, many people are faced with this task. The first step is going to be removing any old flooring and then cutting out a square of a new tile that will fit over the top of the old one. After measuring the area where your new tiles will go, measure and mark off a rectangle on each side of your square that will allow for enough space on either end of your square where you can set up some saw horses or a level surface to work on. Make your cuts with a wet saw if you have one, or use a regular hack saw blade. If you’re using a regular hack saw blade, make sure that it’s very sharp before you start cutting.

Once the tiles are cut, it’s time to remove the old ones. You can do this by simply pulling them up if they have adhesive on the back, or by using a chisel and some hammering to get the thinset out from under the tiles. Be careful with this if you’re not used to working with a chisel – use a rubber mallet instead of a traditional claw hammer to prevent any damage to surrounding surfaces.

How to cut tiles around the toilet: know 5 secret tips!

Tiles can be challenging to cut around a toilet, but with these five secrets, you’ll find it’s not as hard as you think.

secret no 1:

Measure twice and cut once. You want the tile to fit perfectly on the floor so measure carefully before making any cuts.

Keep it level. Make sure the tiles are all level and straight with each other. A quick and easy way to do this is by using a water pitcher and pouring water on top of the tiles. If the tiles wiggle, you’ll know there’s an issue!

secret no 2:

How big is your saw? Make sure that the blade of your saw will allow you to make all of the necessary cuts without running out of space. If the saw is too small, you may have to make multiple trips back and forth to the toilet, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

secret no 3:

How deep are they going? If you’re cutting into an existing wall or floor, consider how deep they need for plumbing pipes and electrical wiring before starting your project.  If you make a cut that requires repair work later due to cutting too deeply, you will pay more money

secret no 4:

How are you doing that? Use a level to line up tiles along walls or against other surfaces, then place painter’s tape over the tiles where you need to make cuts. After you’ve made the cut, remove the tape and a perfectly straight line will be left behind. How to cut tiles around a toilet? The easiest way is using a tile cutter How to cut ceramic tile without breaking it?

secret no 5:

How many tiles will it take? Plan ahead and get enough tiles before starting your project, otherwise, you could be waiting for deliveries while trying to finish the job.

Now that you know the secrets, it’s time to get started on your tile project! Good luck and have fun!

How to make sure your tile is level

bathroom tiles

How to make sure your tile is level. How often do you find that the tiles around the toilet are not straight? How many times have you had to cut one of these tiles and start over, because it was uneven on all sides?

There is an easy way to get perfect cuts every time. You can use a special tool called a “tile saw” which has a blade with teeth designed specifically for cutting ceramic tile. 

This tool can be rented from most hardware stores, or if you want to buy one, they cost about $100-$150 depending on the size of blade they come with. A larger blade will give straighter cuts than smaller blades will but it will also require more work and time to cut the tiles.

With a tile saw it is possible to get perfect cuts in about 2 minutes per tile, but with a smaller blade, it may take 5-10 minutes per tile.  How many tiles do you need? How much time will that cost? How can you cut the tiles and save money at the same time?

How to use spacers when cutting tiles

spacers when cutting tiles

How to use spacers when cutting tiles. It’s not easy to cut tile without any spacers, but it is possible with a little practice and patience. As you cut, hold the blade at about 45 degrees and don’t force it down too hard or too fast.

If you are getting lots of chipping or breaking as you go along, it means the blade needs more sharpening; stop for now and take care of that first before trying again later on. And always keep your fingers out from under the blade! If there is no room for them below the level of tile being cut (usually because someone has already laid some), then place them above instead, well clear of the tile itself.

How to cut tiles around a toilet. If you need to cut a tile with no space at all, then use something thin and flexible, like cardboard or aluminum foil, as backing. Holding the blade stationary on top of the corner of your tile (which is sticking out past your working.

How to ensure you have enough grout

How to ensure you have enough grout is a common question that plagues homeowners. How much grout should I buy? How do I know how much of the tile will be cut around my toilet? How do I adjust for any mistakes? How can I make sure there are no gaps in between tiles? All of these questions and more are what this article will answer.

Grouting your tiles is an integral part of finishing your floor or wall installation, so it’s important to get it right the first time, especially when dealing with small spaces like near toilets.

How to cut tiles around a toilet: How to ensure you have enough grout.

bathroom ground tiles

There are a couple of ways to cut tiles, and some tools may be more appropriate for your project than others. A wet saw is one option, but it can be difficult or time-consuming if you need to cut many tiles in a small area. In those instances, glass cutting tools like diamond blades might be a better option as they can make quick work of your project with minimal fuss required on your part.

However, before using these types of tools you should know that there are other things that go into tile installation besides just cutting the tile! You’ll also need adhesive and grout which will vary depending on what type of material the tile is made of.

If you’re working with porcelain tiles, for example, then a latex-based adhesive and grout will be necessary. However, if you’re using natural stone tiles then you’ll need an adhesive that is specifically formulated for use with that type of stone.

How to cut tiles around a toilet: 5 Extra common Tips

  • Make sure that you have the right tools. In order to cut tiles around the toilet, you will need some basic tools, including a tile cutter, a straight edge, and a wet saw.
  • Measure and mark the tiles accurately. Before you start cutting any tiles, make sure that you measure and mark them accurately. This will ensure that your tiles are evenly spaced and look neat and professional.
  • Use a wet saw for precision cutting. A wet saw is the best tool for precision cutting of tiles, so make sure to use one if you have access to one. This will help you to avoid any mistakes when cutting the tiles around the toilet.
  • Cut the tiles into small sections. When cutting tiles around the toilet, it is best to cut them into small sections. This will make the process a lot easier and will help you to avoid any mistakes.
  • Use a tile cutter for straight cuts. If you need to make straight cuts on your tiles, use a tile cutter. This will help you to achieve clean and professional-looking results.

Cutting tiles around a toilet can seem like an intimidating task, but we’ve outlined some easy tips to make the process much simpler. If you follow these basic guidelines and cut your tile an inch shorter on one side of the toilet, fill any gaps with thinned grout and spacers, and use a glass cutter instead of a wet saw-you should be able to successfully cut tiles.

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