How to build a grow room in a garage is our Secrets Idea!

how to build a grow room in a garage, our Secrets Idea! A garage can be perfect for a grow room. I will show you why in a moment… fact, I want to go as far as showing you how to build a grow room in a garage step by step and introduce you to some other popular grow room ideas.

In this article, we’ll outline how you can design and build your own grow room as well as how much it should cost and what tools you’ll need.

We know that when you follow all of these steps, you will be able to build a perfect room. Let’s get started!

What is a grow room and how does it work

room in a garage

A grow room is a space designated for growing plants and flowers. Grow rooms can be as small as a closet or basement, and as large as an entire warehouse. A grower will use the space to cultivate indoor plants with artificial light and other resources such as CO2, water, and nutrients.

Grow rooms are commonly used by cannabis growers to cultivate marijuana indoors all year long in order to maintain high-quality standards that cannot be met outdoors due to weather conditions such as frost or drought.

The first step of constructing your own grow room starts by selecting a location suitable for its construction; this location should have plenty of natural sunlight coming in through windows (or skylights) during the daytime hours (6-8 am). By

selecting a location that is mostly sunny, the grower is already halfway there to successfully build a grow room.

How to build a grow room in your garage

build a grow room in your garage

The first step is to decide if you want a room that can be used for other purposes as well. If so, the best option would be to build it in an area that’s not too close or visible from the main house. There are many different ways of creating a grow room in your garage, depending on how much time and money you have available.

One inexpensive way is to use one side of your garage for the grow room with the other side being used for storage or even another hobby. You will need about 400 square feet of space at least but there are plenty of creative ways around this problem!

For example, rather than making one big hole in your wall for both spaces, why not make two doors? Or use corrugated metal or plastic to create walls that can be easily moved?

If you have the money, you could build a more complete grow room by installing insulation, a ventilation system, and even a small heater. However, these things are not necessary if you’re only growing a few plants. The most important consideration is lighting. You will need a lot of lights and even more ventilation.

Cost of building a grow room in your garage

Aspiring growers ask us all the time how to build a grow room in their garage. So we decided to write this article on how to build a grow room in your garage!

You can do it yourself for about $500, but expect to spend $1,200 if you hire some professionals. Let’s look at both options…

In case you’re wondering, here’s a quick cost breakdown of what it will cost to build a grow room in your garage. We’ll use this example for the rest of the article:

Equipment costs to build a grow room in your garage:

  • Reflective Mylar lining for walls ($150)
  • Extractor fan + ducting ($25 to $100)
  • Light bulbs ($60 to $300+)
  • Temperature/humidity controller ($30 to $50)
  • Carbon filter (~$50)
  • Drill (+ drill bit set if required)  ($40 to $200+ depending on use)
  • Hacksaw (+ blades if required)  ($10 to $30+ depending on use)
  • PVC pipe or metal ducting ($20+)

So let’s say you spend about $500 to do it yourself, which gives you a total cost of approximately $1,115. Subtract that from the total cost of about $2,300 and you save yourself about $1,200 by doing it yourself!

Hire professionals to build a grow room in your garage for you

You can hire some professionals to do all the hard work for you. You will have to pay labor costs, but if you want an indoor grow room that’s easy to maintain, then it’s worth the money. You will pay about $1,000 for labor costs alone!

It takes the pros approximately 5 hours to build a 4’x4′ grow room in your garage, so this gives you an idea of how much they’ll charge you per hour for their services. A standard 8 hour day (including lunch) is $120.

So you’ll pay about $2,500 if you hire professionals to build a grow room in your garage for you. The total cost of the project will be approximately $3,600 which means that hiring professionals to do it will obviously cost more than doing it yourself!

Tools you’ll need for building a grow room in your garage

garage room build tool

The tools you’ll need for building a grow room in your garage include a hammer, saw, drill, level, tape measure, screws, and nails. You’ll also need a PVC pipe cutter, PVC adhesive, and PVC primer.

You’ll also need lighting, ventilation, wiring, and fans. A circulating fan will improve air circulation within the room. You can purchase an oscillating or stationary fan for use in your grow room. Of course, you’ll need to buy lights that are suitable for plant growth. You may even want to consider using LED panels instead of traditional plants.

Fluorescent lights are inexpensive, use less energy than most other types of lighting, and produce very little heat. You can buy fixtures that plug into an existing wall socket or include their own ballast in the fixture box. HID grow lights with reflectors produce more heat than fluorescent lights but yield more vigorous plant growth in return for the additional energy costs.

Designing the layout of the space inside the grow room

 Designing the layout of the space inside the grow room in a garage is a lengthy process. But, one that entails multiple determining factors in order to find an environment that can provide you with what your needs are for optimal growing conditions. Consider these key points when designing the interior:

  • In order to have temperature control, you need to separate the grow room from the rest of the garage so that only the walls between them are being heated by hot air from outside.
  • To have ventilation for airflow, you need to take into consideration how much light and heat is produced by your lighting system and ensure that the exhaust fans are placed in a way that allows the warm air to escape from the top of the room and the cold air to be drawn in from the bottom.
  • You need to provide adequate space for each plant so that they have enough room to grow and access light.
  • You also need to take into account the height of the plants when determining the height of the room.
  • You need to have a space for storage, whether it is cabinets, shelves, or a closet.
  • You also need to consider how you will be able to water and fertilize your plants. This could mean having a sink and/or a space for storing pots and soil.
  • You should also have a space for your grow equipment, such as a table or workbench, and storage for your tools and supplies.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can create a grow room that is perfect for your needs. And, with a little bit of planning and some creative thinking, you can do it.

Installing Lighting, Ventilation, And Other Equipment For Your Grow Room

garage room lighting

When it comes to installing lighting, ventilation, and other equipment for your grow room, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For lighting, make sure you have a light timer to regulate the amount of time your plants are exposed to light.

You’ll also need an exhaust fan to remove the heat from the grow room, as well as an intake fan to bring in the fresh air. You’ll also need a carbon filter to remove any unwanted smells from the room.

Growing plants in a grow room

Growing plant

Increasingly, many people are seeking to grow their own food and flowers because it is a great way to save money and get healthy foods. One good idea for this is establishing a grow room in your garage so you can hear the plants growing.

Here are some tips on how to build a grow room in a garage:

  • Find yourself a space in your garage or another area. It needs to be well-ventilated and about 4 x 8 feet; anything larger will work too if you’re really into gardening.
  • Close off the ceiling and where the wall meets the floor to keep heat from escaping and moisture from building up. You may want to consider installing an exhaust fan and dehumidifier, especially if you live in a humid climate.
  • Install some sturdy shelves or racks to hold your plants. You can buy grow lights and other equipment at most hardware stores.
  • Make sure the room is well lit; plants need plenty of light to grow healthy and strong.
  • Add some organic matter to the soil, such as compost, manure, or peat moss. This will help it retain water.
  • If you have any problems with bugs, put some mint plants in your grow room. The mint will give off a scent that will keep most pests away.
  • Organic marijuana is becoming increasingly popular because users prefer the good effects they get from organically grown cannabis. Growing organic pot can be a challenge, but it definitely has its rewards.
  • Start with healthy soil. You can buy soil that’s already been enriched with organic matter, or you can mix your own compost or manure into the soil. Be sure to use organic fertilizers, not chemical ones.
  • Get some weed seeds. You can ask your friends for them or buy some that have been genetically engineered to produce organically grown plants.


In conclusion, I have talked in detail about how to make a growing room in a garage. I have given you a step-by-step guide on how to make it, what you need, and the approximate cost. I hope you have found this article helpful in your growing endeavors! Remember, growing cannabis is a fun and rewarding experience, and with a little bit of effort, you can create an amazing grow room in your garage. Thanks for reading

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