How Boyish Are You Quiz

How boyish are you? This quiz will tell you how masculine or feminine you are.

How much do you like roughhousing?

How Boyish Are You Quiz

I love roughhousing! I love to play fight and wrestle with my friends. I love to get dirty and have a lot of fun. I am always up for a good time, and I love to be active.

How much do you like getting dirty?

I love getting dirty. I think it’s really fun to get muddy and roll around in the dirt. I don’t mind getting dirty when I’m playing sports or doing other activities. It’s just part of the fun.

How much do you like competition?

I’m not a huge fan of competition. I mean, I don’t mind it if it’s something small like a game or something, but I don’t like feeling like I have to constantly be better than someone else. It’s just not my thing.

How much do you like being outdoors?

I love being outdoors! I’m a big fan of hiking, camping, and spending time in nature. I find it very peaceful and calming, and it’s a great way to get some exercise. I also enjoy people-watching and taking in all the sights and sounds of the city.

How much do you like taking risks?

? I’m not a huge fan of taking risks, but I don’t mind them either. I think it all depends on the situation and what the consequences could be.

If it’s something that could potentially have a negative outcome, I’m usually not interested. But if it’s something that could be fun and exciting, I’m definitely up for it!


The How Boyish Are You Quiz is a fun and quick way to find out how boyish you are!

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