Diy Lash Cleanser Without Baby Shampoo

If you wear makeup, it’s important to clean your face every night before going to bed. This includes taking off your eye makeup.

You could use a makeup remover or coconut oil, but those can be expensive. Instead, you can make your own lash cleanser with just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.

To make your own lash cleanser, you will need: 1 tablespoon baby shampoo 1 tablespoon water 1 teaspoon olive oil or coconut oil Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl and use a cotton ball to apply it to your lashes.

Gently rub the cleanser into your lashes and then rinse it off with warm water. You can use this lash cleanser every night to remove your eye makeup and keep your lashes clean and healthy.

Decide what type of oil you would like to use

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When it comes to choosing an oil for your lash cleanser, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is what type of oil you want to use.

There are a variety of oils out there, each with their own benefits. Some common choices include jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Another thing to consider is the consistency of the oil. You want to choose an oil that is thin enough to easily coat your lashes, but not so thin that it runs into your eyes.

The thickness of the oil will also affect how long it takes to break down makeup and build-up on your lashes.

Finally, think about the scent of the oil. This is purely personal preference, but some people prefer to use an oil with a light, pleasant scent.

Others prefer to use an unscented oil. Once you’ve decided on the type of oil you want to use, it’s time to choose a method of application.

You can either use a cotton ball or Q-tip to apply the oil to your lashes, or you can pour a small amount of oil into your palm and then use your fingers to apply it to your lashes.

Measure out the oil and baby shampoo

If you want to make a lash cleanser without baby shampoo, you’ll need to measure out the oil and baby shampoo first.

The amount of oil and baby shampoo you’ll need will depend on the size of the bottle you’re using. Once you’ve measured out the ingredients, you’ll need to mix them together.

Combine the ingredients in a small bowl or container

If you’re looking for a natural and gentle way to clean your lashes, this DIY lash cleanser is a great option! To make it, simply combine the following ingredients in a small bowl or container: -1/4 cup water -1/4 cup witch hazel

-1 teaspoon aloe vera gel -1/4 teaspoon baby shampoo Gently mix everything together and then use a cotton ball to apply the cleanser to your lashes. Let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water.

Use a cotton swab or your fingers to apply the lash cleanser to your lashes.

When it comes to cleaning your lashes, you want to make sure you’re using a product that is safe and gentle. That’s why using a cotton swab or your fingers to apply a lash cleanser is a great option.

This way you can control how much product is being used and avoid getting any in your eyes. Plus, it’s a great way to massage your lashes and help them stay healthy and strong.

Rinse away the lash cleanser with warm water.

When you have finished washing your lashes with the lash cleanser, it is important to rinse away any residual cleanser with warm water. This will help to prevent any irritation or sensitization of the lashes.


This lash cleanser is a great alternative to expensive, chemical-laden options on the market. It is simple to make and gentle on the lashes, yet effective in removing makeup and debris.

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