Baby Stops Kicking When I Touch My Belly

There’s nothing more magical than feeling your baby kick for the first time. For many women, it’s a moment that they’ll never forget. But what if your baby stops kicking when you touch your belly?

It’s normal for babies to move around a lot in the womb. They’ll often have periods of activity followed by periods of rest.

So it’s not unusual for your baby to stop kicking when you touch your belly.

However, if you’re concerned that your baby isn’t moving as much as usual, you should contact your midwife or doctor. They’ll be able to check on your baby’s well-being and give you peace of mind.


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started worrying about my baby. I was always touching my belly, trying to feel the baby kick.

But one day, I noticed that the baby stopped kicking when I touched my belly. I was so worried that something was wrong with the baby.

I went to the doctor and found out that the baby was fine. The doctor explained that the baby was probably just sleeping.

The scientific explanation

When you touch your baby’s belly, they may stop kicking for a moment. This is because they are curious about the new sensation and are trying to figure out what it is.

The scientific explanation is that babies are born with a reflex called the Moro reflex. This reflex is when a baby feels like they are falling, they will automatically throw their arms and legs out to try to catch themselves.

When you touch their belly, it triggers this reflex and they will stop kicking for a moment as they try to figure out what is going on.

How this can be used to stop a kicking baby

Baby Stops Kicking When I Touch My Belly

When a baby kicks, it is a sign that they are healthy and active. However, sometimes a baby may kick excessively which can be bothersome.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to stop the kicking. One method is to gently place your hand on the kicking area.

This will usually stop the baby from kicking since they will no longer be able to feel the sensation. Another method is to talk to the baby and let them know that you are there.

This will usually calm the baby down and they will stop kicking. If you are having trouble stopping a kicking baby, you can always consult with your doctor.

They will be able to give you more specific advice on how to deal with this situation.


There are many possible explanations for why a baby might stop kicking when someone touches the mother’s belly. It could be that the baby is sensitive to touch and doesn’t like to be touched.

It could also be that the baby is tired and just wants to rest. Another possibility is that the baby is trying to communicate something to the mother.

Maybe the baby is hungry or needs to be changed. Whatever the reason, it is interesting to observe this behavior in babies.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that touching a pregnant woman’s belly will stop the baby from kicking.

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